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Piya Behrupiya brings Shakespeare to Indore

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The Times Of India
06th March, 2019 18:00 IST
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Who doesn't know about the famous Bard of Avon's plays that he had written in the 15th century. Bringing one of his renowned works to Indore , Hindi version of the play Twelfth Night was staged at the DAVV auditorium of the city on Sunday in which artists from Mumbai tickled the funny bone and spread laughter. The play which was organized by Melody fusion and Ras Bharti groups of Indore, was titled ‘Piya Behrupiya’. Sticking to the original names of the characters, the production nevertheless takes on a distinct Indian idiom with a variety of Hindi dialects.

The plot is quickly underway with Viola shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria. She believes her twin, lookalike brother, Sebastian to be dead and masquerades as Cesario in service to Duke Orsino. Viola then falls in love with the Duke but he is in love with Lady Olivia who in turn is mourning the deaths of her father and brother and claims that she has nothing to do with any suitors.
Despite being close to two hours long, the audience were left wanting more from the actors because of the hilarious twists and turns, and the catchy music of the production.

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