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Students gather at Hebbal to spread road safety message

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The Times Of India
10th February, 2019 12:12 IST
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Students from public health institutions, road safety experts, health experts along with the public had gathered at Hebbal Junction on Saturday to spread awareness on road safety measures.

Institute of Public Health(IPH) a city based academic and research organisation under their 'Safer Roads Bengaluru' initiative joined hands with Padmashree school of public Health and Bengaluru Traffic Police and Road safety authority organised this road safety awareness activity to mark the national road safety week 2019.

As part of this awareness program a human chain was formed. Students with effective messages on road safety approached two-wheeler riders who were not wearing helmets and four wheeler drivers who were not wearing seat belts. Students also performed small skits on the road when traffic signal was in stop mode.

Dr Pragati Hebbar, Faculty, Institute of Public Health, Dr Uma Shankar from Padmashree School of Public Health, Shri Praveen, Police Inspector, Hebbal Police station along with more than hundred students participated in this event.

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