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'Cricket won and India lost. Had India won the World Cup...': Abdul Razzaq continues to spit venom against India

NEW DELHI: Former Pakistani cricket ers degrading and questioning Indian cricketers is nothing new. Be it out of jealousy and hatred, cricketers who have played for Pakistan at the international level continue to berate Indians, Indian cricketers and the Indian cricket board, just to stay relevant.

Not long after making a highly objectionable and uncalled for remark against Indian actress Aishwarya Rai , former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razzaq has again made negative comments about Indian cricket.

In a clip that is viral on social media, Razzaq, talking about India's defeat to Australia in the ODI World Cup final , says on a talk show that "it's great for cricket that India lost."

When asked by the anchor about Australia’s victory against India who were unbeaten before the final, Razzaq said, "Cricket won and India lost. Had India won the World Cup , it would have been a very sad moment for the game. They used conditions to their advantage and I have never seen such a bad pitch for any ICC final before. It's great for cricket that India lost."

Razzaq continues, "Had India won, we would have felt very bad, because they were utilising the conditions, one semifinal they score 400, the other team scores 350. In the other semifinal 220-230 runs were scored. Then in the final 240 runs were scored. That means there is something wrong (with the conditions). There should be fair pitches, fair atmosphere, both teams should have balance. Today also India took advantage. Had Kohli (Virat) scored 100, then India would have won the World Cup."

Earlier, another former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza had, much to the amusement of even his own countrymen, had questioned the ICC and the BCCI on providing special cricket balls to assist India pacers.

Not just that, former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq had even said that Harbhajan Singh had thought of converting to Islam, a comment that the former Indian spinner had strongly denied.