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If the World Cup final had taken place in Mumbai or Kolkata, India would have won: Mamata Banerjee

NEW DELHI: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee asserted on Thursday that India would have won the cricket World Cup if the championship game had taken place in Mumbai or Kolkata.

Speaking to party workers at Kolkata's Netaji Indoor Stadium, she said that efforts were on to "saffronise" the national cricket team .

"They are trying to paint the entire country saffron. We are proud of our Indian players, and I believe that we would have won the World Cup if the finals had taken place in Kolkata or Wankhede (in Mumbai)," she said.

"They even tried to saffronise the team by introducing saffron practice jerseys. The players resisted, and as a result, they did not have to wear those jerseys during the matches," she added.

Banerjee persisted in her criticism of the BJP, claiming that sinners carry their transgressions with them wherever they go.

"The Indian team played so well that they won all the matches in the World Cup, except the one attended by the sinners," she said, without naming anyone.

(With PTI inputs)