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BIS nixes proposal for heavier 2-wheeler helmets

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The Times Of India
12th September, 2019 00:33 IST

NEW DELHI: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) turned down the proposal to do away with the "maximum weight" limit for two-wheeler helmets. The BIS already notified helmet standard, capping the weight at 1.2 kg.

Rejecting the proposal to allow heavier and higher standard helmets, the BIS said such a move would defeat the whole purpose of increasing compliance of helmet wearing, which is mandatory for two-wheeler riders under the Motor Vehicle law.

The BIS had notified helmet standards with provision of maximum weight after a government appointed multi-disciplinary panel recommended to make them lighter by 300 grams and make them airier to make them more user-friendly.

But some of the players importing higher quality standards that meet the European norms, which are heavier as well, had objected to the weight restriction set by BIS.

Sources said this issue of delay in taking decision on heavier helmets in Indian market has been the one of the reasons behind the delay in government issuing Helmets (Quality Control) Order, which would make it mandatory for all helmet manufacturers to obtain BIS certification for their products. Sale of non-BIS helmet would be an offence.

A section of officials said now with the BIS making its stand clear, government should issue quality control order. "Where is the need to issue order? The amended Motor Vehicles Act specifies that the helmets used have to be BIS certified," said an official.

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