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Panasonic to set up 1 lakh charging sites for e-vehicles

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The Times Of India
16th May, 2019 07:09 IST
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Japanese electronics giant Panasonic is planning to set up one lakh charging stations and telematic solutions across top 25 Indian cities by 2024 to power over a million vehicles.

The company — a key partner (battery cell supplier) of American electric vehicles maker Tesla — plans to set up mini charging facilities at parking areas, malls, petrol pumps, and specially developed zones across cities such as Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Amravati, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad.

“We feel that the clean energy and electric vehicles space is going to see a massive growth in the coming years, and Panasonic wants to be ready with a matching infrastructure to power the new-generation, cleaner vehicles,” Panasonic India president & CEO Manish Sharma told TOI here.

Through the network, Panasonic aims to reach individual electric vehicle users, fleet owners, e-commerce and logistics companies to manage their transports more efficiently. Most of the expansion will be through the franchisee model, while Panasonic will control the core network and technologies .

Also, the telematics solution — that has been developed at the company’s India R&D facilities — will be pitched to utility providers as well as manufacturers of vehicles, equipment and lithium-ion battery to help them better understand user patterns, and calibrate their products and services accordingly.

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