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SIAM welcomes PM Modi's assurance on electric vehicles

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The Times Of India
14th August, 2019 15:47 IST

NEW DELHI: SIAM president Rajan Wadhera on Wednesday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi 's assurance on co-existence of both Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and electric vehicles .

Wadhera said the Prime Minister's call for a long-term roadmap for all futuristic technologies , which instils confidence to the industry to get going.

The Prime Minister on Sunday while addressing the nation in the aftermath of reorganisation of J&K, said, "The country has a large enough market and big enough policy space to ensure growth of internal combustion engine (ICE) based automobiles as well as electric vehicles (EVs)."

“There is no need to speculate about the growth of either of the two. We are in a unique situation where both ICE and EV-based automobiles can co-exist, co-create and learn from each other,” the PM said.

PM Modi's remark brought smiles to the beleaguered automobile and component manufacturers. "The assurance completely in-line with SIAM's recommendations that all relevant technologies should co-exist in the journey towards sustainable mobility," Wadhera added.

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