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Youth's future in 'limbo' due to BJP's 'anti-education mindset', says Rahul Gandhi

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi , the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, expressed concern that India's youth have been deeply demoralised by unemployment, asserting that their future is now in "limbo" due to what he describes as the BJP's "anti-education mindset." His comments followed a media report indicating that engineers graduating from the Indian Institutes of Technology ( IITs ) in 2024 are facing lower salaries due to a slowdown in hiring.

"The ill-effects of the economic slowdown are now being faced by the country's most prestigious institutes like IITs. The continuous fall in placements from IITs and the drop in annual package are further hurting the condition of the youth which is facing the peak of unemployment," Gandhi said in a post in Hindi on his WhatsApp channel.

The Congress leader claimed that 19% of the students could not get campus placement in 2022 and the same rate doubled to 38% this year.

"When this is the condition of the most famous and respected educational institutions of the country, what will be the plight of the rest of the institutions!" Gandhi said.

"Today the youth is completely demoralised by unemployment - parents are spending lakhs to get professional education, while students are forced to study by taking loans at high interest rates. Then not getting a job or ordinary income is only causing a decline in their financial condition," he added.

Gandhi said this is the result of the "anti-education" mindset of the BJP due to which the future of the meritorious youth of this country is in "limbo".

Does the Modi government have any plan to free the hardworking youth of India from this crisis? he asked.

The opposition will continue to raise the voice of the youth with all its might and will hold the government accountable for this "injustice", Gandhi said.