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Disha Ramesh to play marriage broker in her next film

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The Times Of India
16th September, 2021 00:00 IST

Actress Disha Ramesh , who was last seen on the silver screen in the critically acclaimed Devara Naadalli , has signed a new suspense thriller movie called Siri Lambodara Vivaha, directed by Sourabh Kulkarni . The film also stars Anjan Bharadwaj in a lead role.

“I play the role of a marriage broker called Leela , who is very bold and enthusiastic, goes with the flow in life, without expecting anything from anyone. There is a mystery element in my character which will unfold on screen,” says Disha rather mysteriously.

Apart from the screen, Disha has been known to perform live on stage, which she says she has missed out on, owing to the pandemic. “The last time I was on stage was last November, after which we went into a lockdown, followed by the night curfew. This almost put an end to all theatre activities in Mysuru , which is where I am based at now. For an artist, the ultimate joy and satisfaction is when he or she gets instant reaction from audiences while performing on stage. As things are getting back to normal gradually, I hope the culture of watching plays is revived soon too,” she says.

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