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Jada Pinkett Smith showcases her new pink hair on 52nd birthday while updating fans about her journey with alopecia

On her 52nd birthday, Jada Pinkett Smith showcased her new pink hair color while updating her fans about her journey with alopecia. She gave her hair a refreshing new pale pink colour, with her now actually having some good hair growth, marking the total improvement.

"This ain’t noth’n but a birthday sherbet surprise within a Virgo sunrise," Jada wrote on Instagram along with a self-portrait of the actress staring into the camera with her head resting against her fingers, showcasing her shining new hue of pink cropped hairdo, accentuating and complementing her manicure.

Last month, Jada had shared two selfies on Instagram. In the first photo, her head appeared to be shaved, while in the second, her hair was bleached blonde and improved a shade more, as it began to grow. “This hair here is act’n like it’s try’n a make a comeback. Still have some trouble spots but - we’ll see,” she captioned the post.

Jada's journey with alopecia became widely known in 2018 when she disclosed it on her Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk, which she co-hosts with her daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris. In the episode titled Jada Reveals Her Hair Loss, she revealed that she had been dealing with hair loss for years.

Jada initially struggled with the emotional and psychological impact of hair loss. She shared that she had tried various methods to cover it up, including wearing turbans, scarves, and wigs. Alopecia can be emotionally challenging for anyone, and Jada's honesty about her struggles resonated with many who face similar issues.

Over time, Jada embarked on a journey of self-acceptance and self-love. She decided to embrace her natural self and shed the need for wigs or other hair coverings. This decision was an empowering moment for her and for those who look up to her as a public figure. Her family, including her husband Will Smith and children, played a crucial role in supporting her through this journey.