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My First Shot: Shankar sir said I looked peculiar when I danced, says Bharath

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The Times Of India
15th February, 2020 00:00 IST

I have been part of the dance group, The Swingers, since 1998 and have done performances with the troupe. It was the beginning of 2002… I heard Shankar sir was looking to cast youngsters in his next film and was also auditioning several newcomers. One day, his team had come to the dance institute and taped a whole sequence that we had done. Shankar sir had seen that and thought I had performed well. He then called me and one of the first things he told me was, ‘You look peculiar when you dance’.

I guess that worked for me and I gave my audition. A few rounds later, I was finally cast in Boys . Camera was new to me and it was a surreal experience. The first-ever time that KV Anand sir (one of the film’s cinematographers) saw me through the camera was for a small sequence in which I had to walk along the beach, humming a line. Shankar sir had a beach house on ECR and we were shooting there. Anand sir was using an Aari 435 camera.

Technically speaking, that was my first experience in front of the camera. The first shot I gave for the film was also my introduction scene of sorts. It was also the first shot of Boys I think. I’d be playing the guitar and singing, and this girl whom I was trying to flirt with would just shut the window on my face. I looked so different in my first film… young, super lean… but I thoroughly enjoyed doing that film.

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