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Next Enti? preview: Tamannaah and Sundeep Kishan's rom-com seems like a relatable film

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The Times Of India
07th December, 2018 07:00 IST
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Bollywood director Kunal Kohli’s (of Hum Tum and Fanaa fame) is making his debut in Telugu cinema with the urban romcom Next Enti?

The film that stars Tamannaah, Sundeep Kishan, Navdeep and Larissa Bonesi in lead roles seems to run on an interesting premise. Judging from the trailer and teaser, either Tamannaah and Sundeep Kishan meet each other and later part ways getting in relationship with other people, or the other way around. The film questions the concept of love and lust and should be an interesting one to watch out for.

Next Enti? features music by Leon James, who also makes his debut in Telugu cinema with the film’s OST. While the whole jukebox of the film hasn’t be released, the songs Oh No Never! and Na Nuve Na have been received exceptionally well. The teaser, trailer and other promotional material of the film too have been received well.

The story of the film is based on London and talks of the tags given to girls while men walk away scot-free, revealed Tamannaah in a recent interview. The actress also called Next Enti? a slice-of-life film that everyone can relate to, especially when it comes to the kind of relationships the characters in the film explore.

Next Enti? will also refreshingly have long, single takes that run for 3 minutes each, with the characters conversing constantly. Sarath Babu will play the character of Tamannaah’s character in the film while Navdeep will play her boyfriend. Larissa Bonesi will play Sundeep Kishan’s girlfriend in the film.

While not much about the film’s story is revealed, the team has however reinstated that the film will be one that will make the audience leave with huge smiles on their faces. Tollywood in recent times has branched out from doing more than just the same old formulaic films so it remains to be seen how it will fare.

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