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Raghu Dixit's Panchatantra song gets an 8D spin

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The Times Of India
12th February, 2019 00:00 IST
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Director Yogaraj Bhat has been on a mission of trying new stuff for his next directorial, Panchatantra. Right from the subject of the film, which revolves around racing, novelty has been the buzzword on the set of this film. Adding to that is the song Neene Helu Mankutimma , for which Yogaraj has collaborated with Raghu Dixit .
The song, written by the filmmaker himself and set to tune by V Harikrishna , has been given an extra edge with 8D sound. “Normally, if you hear a song over earphones, you get stereo sound. But with Mankutimma, the experience will almost be like 7.1 Dolby theatrical sound,” says Hariprasad Jayanna, one of the producers of the film.
Initially, the idea was to use 8D for the film’s first song, Shrungarada Hongemara Hoo Bittide. “But Yogaraj was not keen, as that was a melody. He believed that the music of Mankutimma would render itself better to the technological advancement. And with Raghu’s vocals, the effect is even better,” adds Hariprasad.

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