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Wanted to be with my parents in Delhi during the lockdown, but it wasn't possible: Arun Mandola

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The Times Of India
23rd May, 2020 19:12 IST

India is currently in the fourth phase of lockdown and though the government has eased a lot of restrictions, many people are preferring to stay put at home, considering the surge in COVID-19 numbers. 'Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman' actor Arun Mandola feels that during this t rying time , people need to keep themselves occupied as much as possible. "If people have nothing to do, they might get sick of the situation. Kuch na kuch sabko karna chahiye. My father always says, ‘ mehnat karne mein koi sharam nahi hai. Toh phir kya jhadu aur kya bartan ?' I see a lot of celebs sharing their videos, where they are doing household chores, and I think that's a good thing.”

The actor is trying to make the most of his #LockdownTime. “I have been learning new things like making new dishes, work ing out at home and cleaning my house every day. These things are actually keeping me sane. Yes, somewhere we all are afraid about our jobs, money and freedom, but right now , there is a bigger challenge for all of us and that is survival,” Arun says.

Talking about the time ahead, he adds, “With the world coming to a pause due the coronavirus, people need to get habituated to social distancing. Shoot-at-home might become the new normal. I think this is the starting of a new world.”

The actor, who se family is in Delhi, tells us, “While I am living alone in Mumbai, my parents are in Delhi. I wanted to be with them, but it wasn’t possible. And considering the situation, it was better to not travel. But I am constantly in touch with them , and everything is fine.”

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