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Lunar eclipse live stream online: When, where and how to watch the Wolf Moon eclipse today

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The Times Of India
10th January, 2020 20:03 IST

2020 starts off with an awesome celestial event very early in the year. There is going to be a lunar eclipse in January.

A lunar eclipse is when then Earth comes between the Sun and the moon. This causes the moon's visibilty to reduce as the moon does not give out its own light, it's only visible as it reflects the light of the sun. So when the light of the Sun is blocked by the Earth, we can not see the moon. If the moon is entirely obscured, it's a total lunar eclipse; however, the 2020 lunar eclipse isn't a total lunar eclipse but a penumbral lunar eclipse. That means the moon is just caught in the Earth's outer shadow, also called the penumbral shadow. This will make the moon look darker than usual and maybe look subtly redder.

A full moon in January is usually called a Wolf Moon and this year the wolf moon will be eclipsed.

When is the eclipse
The Wolf Moon lunar eclipse will occur on January 10 at night. It will start at 10:37 pm on January 10 and will last till 2:42 am IST on January 11th. It is 4 hours and 5 minutes long which gives those who are interested plenty of time to view it.

How to watch it
The eclipse isn't visible everywhere in the world. Luckily for those in India, it's visible here but people in the United States, central Canada, a large part of South America and Antarctica won't be able to view it. Luckily the rest of the world can view it.

While solar eclipses give off light that is dangerous and should not been viewed with the naked eye, lunar eclipses are not harmful to the eyes and can be enjoyed with any special equipment.

One can simply look up at the sky from an open area like a garden or a parking lot, or look up from their window, balcony or terrace to witness this eclipse. However, if you live in one of the places where the lunar eclipse is not visible or the weather is not conducive to an outdoor viewing of the eclipse, don't worry. You can also watch the eclipse on an online live stream.

If you are interested in astronomy or generally have a fascination with the moon, then you might consider going to your local observatory to enjoy a special screening with like minded people.

It should be noted that in certain religions or other belief systems, it might not be considered good or auspicious to venture out or perform sacred activities during this penumbral lunar eclipse.

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