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An immersive art exhibition that will make you feel at home

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The Times Of India
17th July, 2019 00:00 IST

Art exhibitions are often associated with visual delight. But this ongoing showcase in Bengaluru is offering a more wholesome experience to its spectators. From visual aesthetics, ambient music and quirky seating arrangements, to a book to read and plants to soothe your senses, ‘Reclaiming the House’ is a multidisciplinary exhibition that goes beyond being just interactive. Visitors are also allowed to take a food recipe home.
The exhibition — which is currently under way at Galleryske — is the result of collaborative efforts of five artists from different disciplines of art, with five other personalities contributing their choices of things to give the spectator an essence of homeliness. These personalities have contributed their artworks, suggested books, music, plant arrangements and even furniture to fit every scene that the exhibition has put up.
In fact, the exhibition is as homely as the atmosphere of the venue — a Colonial-era bungalow at Langford Town, which has been transformed into the gallery. The exhibition enables one to sit down, read a book and admire the artworks in a much more relaxed manner. It even allows you to listen to music, with each audio clip being different from the other. Artist Dia Mehta Bhupal’s artworks reflect on how one can get back on track, while Krishnaraj Chonat’s exhibits are about the raw reality of nature. Sheela Gowda’s showcase draws inspiration from a homely vibe in India, while Prabhavati Meppayil plays around with minimalism and Sudarshan Shetty focuses on walking down memory lane.
The creative concept for these pieces incorporates efforts made by Arjun Jayadev, who has selected a book that would relate to each artwork. Michael Little has artfully curated a plant display for each artwork, and Archana Pidathala has written nostalgic pieces of text from her grandmother’s diary. Phantom Hands has selected the furniture and Avinash Veeraraghavan has picked the music for each piece.

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