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Happy Valentines Day 2019: Funny Memes About Valentines Day That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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The Times Of India
14th February, 2019 07:00 IST
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Valentine's Day is one holiday which has turned into a global phenomenon more than the celebration of love itself. Restaurants are busy and usually overbooked with mushy couples, markets decorated with hearts and balloons, chocolates and sweets overpriced and expensive. Seeing couples go the extra mile to pamper their loved one can be very funny and cliched. Plus, single people and the "unromantic" ones face the pressure of living upto the day's expectations and experience an emotional rollercoaster. With the movies and greetings making you wish you had someone special to enjoy the day with, you end up sitting on the couch crying over with a box of chocolates by your side. But, we have a better suggestion for you. Who says you cannot enjoy the day when you are single or just over the idea of Valentine's Day? You can always cheer up and laugh out loud at the funny wishes and memes floating around. After all, with the internet a click away, you cannot help but smile.

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Here are some funny memes and jokes which will make you forget the sad part and roll out laughing on the floor. If you are spending the day alone, we suggest you cheer yourself up. Couples, you took can relax and have a rib-tickling moment without dealing with the holiday pressure! Scroll down and take a look!

When you cannot help but laugh at the awkwardness encounter in the pantry:

How single people really feel on Valentine's Day

The actual holiday shopping we are excited for, always!

....And what actually ends up happening!

Time for funny memes to flood your timeline!

Yes, February 14th is just a date on the calender!

Love it or hate it, you cannot really ignore Valentine's Day in all its glory! Instead of binging on sweets, chocolates, treats, flowers and junk food, why not fill up your stomach with some hilarious social media humour and exchanges and make your day!

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