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Kolhapur college inculcates and promotes the art of reading

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The Times Of India
31st October, 2019 10:29 IST

At an event held at New College , Kolhapur, that witnessed Principal V.M. Patil along with librarian R.P Adhav, Archana Kamble and Arvind Ghodke among others, distributing books , students were encouraged to read biographies on leaders, historical figures and revolutionaries. Patil asserted that reading the stories of such great personalities will help student look at life in a positive way and also give them lessons on overcoming circumstances in life.
The initiative 'Chala Wachuya' (let's read) was carried out at the HT crime section, department of Social Sciences and other sections of the library . Principal Patil further stressed on the importance of reading and how it shapes our imagination and changes our perspective of the world and people.

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