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Chandra Grahan 2020: Learn the effects of Lunar Eclipse on the human body and precaution tips

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The Times Of India
10th January, 2020 16:00 IST

India recently witnessed solar eclipse in December and today it will witness the Lunar Eclipse (known as Chandra Grahan in Hindi), which is the first eclipse of 2020. It is also the first of four penumbral eclipses to happen. During the eclipse, earth's shadow will block the moon. It will be visible from India, Australia, Africa, Pacific and even Europe.

During such celestial events, there are many precautions people want to take. According to NASA, there is no evidence which proves that eclipses have effects on the human body. However, as per many claims, folk stories and traditions, it has been believed for years that lunar eclipse can have effects on the human body. Here's a look at such beliefs and precautions:

1. It can regulate hormones
There have been many speculations that there is a connection between the moon and a woman's period. People have related women's menstrual cycle of 28 days to the moon's cycle which is 29.5 days. It has been believed that the gravitational pull can help regulate one's cycle.

2. It can effect your fertility
The moon is known as a symbol of fertility. As per many beliefs, it is known as the best time for women who are ovulating to get pregnant during this time.

3. It can effect the eyes
During the eclipse, one is advised to wear protective eyewear. It is believed that the moon is not safe to look from naked eyes and can have many. However, unlike solar eclipses, this one has been scientifically proven to be harmless.

4. Contamination on food
It is also believed that eclipse can affect food. It is advised not to eat during the eclipse and not keep cooked food, as it can deteriorate faster during the eclipse.

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