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Mother's Day memes: Hilarious relatable memes and funny messages for all moms

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The Times Of India
10th May, 2020 05:00 IST

Being a mother is incredibly rewarding but motherhood can often seem to be more tedious than it is satisfying. Especially in the beginning were you have a being that's utterly helpless and entirely dependant on you and the responsibilities seem constantly looming. And when they are older and you are moulding a confused being into a functioning member of your community, there are endless questions you have to answer and and many awkward situations they seem to put you in.

Despite that, the love between mother and child makes up for all you have to do and all they put you through. Despite all the times you were tempted to sell you child to a circus, or maybe just pretend to be ill so they'd be quiet, it was always worth it.

Here are some meme 's any mother would relate with:

Whether your child is willing or unwilling to walk with you, this always seems to happen. How? Where are they bones? Are they made of jelly?

Most stories have a plot and an ending but you don't have the words, the patience or, let's face it, the heart to tell you kid that, so you let them ramble on about what's happening in Toytown.

Do you also feel that toys with sound effects are bad for your mental health? For lazer guns to rockets to animal toys, all seem to come with a speaker set a pitch that give you a headache. Luckily you don't have to tell your child about how batteries work for a year or two.

How to todler diet trends move faster than the weight loss industry. Last year it was Keto, now it's intermittent fasting and the change is gradual. However in Toddler Town trends change every meal and you've already stocked up on yesterday's favourite for a week!

Parents are supposed to be a team and you can't help but feel betrayed to find your ally against a sensible rule. Revenge is the only solution.

While yo love their company and they can be great at home, me time is as important as it's rare. There are precious few moments you allow yourself without your little tail and it's okay to relish them.

Whoever coined the phase 'sleep like a baby' clearly never had a baby or even spent a night in a house with a baby.

Every day is a fresh start but unfortunately most days are different versions of similarly trying situations. still, you can try again tomorrow.

Parenting problems are universal, even more so than you imagined. Especially if it involves homework which you're sure even the teacher knows you're the one doing.

And finally, what all moms aim to be like:

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