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Partial Solar Eclipse on 6th January 2019: When, Where, How to watch Surya Grahan in India and details to keep in mind

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The Times Of India
05th January, 2019 20:58 IST
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2019 has just started and 2 major solar events are already happening in the first week of the month. Shani Amavasya on January 5 and partial solar eclipse on January 6th are the two major happenings of the debut week of 2019. Even though the solar eclipse is visible in some parts of the world and not visible in India, it certainly is an event that arouse excitement among the stargazers.

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The solar eclipse will be visible in parts of North-East Asia and the Pacific Ocean. The total lunar eclipse takes place on January 21, and will be visible in Central Pacific, Americas, Europe, and Africa. In total, the year 2019 will see five lunar and solar eclipses. These will include two total solar eclipses, one total lunar eclipse and one partial lunar eclipse and one partial solar eclipse.

When and where will it be visible?

The solar eclipse will take place around 23:34:08 in UTC and last till 03:48:46 UTC. In Japan , the timings for partial solar eclipse translate to around 8.30 in the morning with the peak being at 10.41 AM for the event. The eclipse will not be visible in India.

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How to watch in India?

Since the eclipse is not visible in India, you can watch the astronomical event live on NASA website.

Details to be kept in Mind:

1. An eclipse is beneficial for meditations, chanting mantras and offering prayers.
2. Avoid touching any idols of God during the eclipse period.
3. Considered equally auspicious, do not touch the Tulsi plant too.
4. After the eclipse period is over, you can sprinkle holy water - Gangajal around the mandir and tulsi plant.

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