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Shahnawaz Hussain hosts Dawat-e-Eid after two years in Delhi

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The Times Of India
05th May, 2022 21:25 IST

After a gap of two years, Shahnawaz and Renu Hussain threw a lavish Eid bash for friends and family recently. Attendees told us that the couple’s annual party - that they have been hosting for over two decades - was sorely missed during lockdown, and that they were glad to catch up with each other over the lazeez daawat laid out by the hosts.

Though it did get a little toasty during the outdoor party, the guests didn’t mind the heat, as it’s the one party that has been on their calendar for decades. Neelam Pratap Rudy told us,"Our family has been attending Eid celebrations at Shahnawaz and Renu Hussain ji's place for the last 20 years." Kaushalya Reddy added,"I like to celebrate all festivals. Shahnawaz and Renu are also like family for Natya Taringini . It always feels good to meet friends."

Leena J Singh, who was among the first guests to arrive at the venue, told us, "I came here today to wish Eid mubarak to Shahnawaz ji and Renu ji and wish them happiness."

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