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Shani Amavasya 2019: Puja vidhi, puja samagri, muhurat, rituals and beliefs

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The Times Of India
05th January, 2019 05:00 IST
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As the name suggests, Shani Amavasya (शनि अमावस्या) is dedicated to Lord Shani and is considered an auspicious day by many Hindu communities. It is believed that people, especially who have shani dosh, mahadasha and sadesati, should celebrate this festival and perform the Shani Amayasya Puja (शनि अमावस्या पूजा). Lord Shani is also called as Sanaischarya, Shanishwara and Chaya Putra. The festival is celebrated to ward off all the bad omens and evils from a person’s life by appeasing the Lord Shani. This year, the festival falls on January 5 and the muhurat is till 6:58 pm.

On this occasion, a devotee can offer prayers in any of the Shani temple. Lord Shani is known to get angry really soon but however, he also known to have a forgiving nature. As per the traditions, one should pray before sunrise as this time is considered as the ideal time to worship him.

The occasion is celebrated in different ways across the country but all the devotees must know that Lord Shani does not like slaughtering of animals. Some of the things needed during the prayer includes earthern lamps, sesame oil, sesame seeds, jaggery, gram, idol of Lord Shani, black clothes for the idol, blue flowers, blanket, iron and water.

For offering the prayers, the idol of Lord Shani is bathed in water and adorned with black clothes. Jaggery and chana (gram) are offered to the deity along with black sesame seeds. Further, earthen lamps with sesame oil are lit in front of the idol. Devotees also offer iron, blanket and blue flowers during the prayer. To seek blessings of Lord Shani and ward off negative energies, Shani Dosha Nirvana Puja, Shani Japam, Shani Homam, and Thailabhishekam are some of the pujas (पूजा) advised performing on the day.

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