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Surtis to witness a play on Birbal, the great Mughal emperor Akbar's wittiest minister

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The Times Of India
16th July, 2019 14:55 IST

In today’s age of technology where super heroes and fairy tales have taken over our traditional and mythological characters, our children need to connect back with our culture.

Hence Bon Temps is staging the play "With Birbal , it's Possible" on July 20, 4 pm at Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium, Pal, Adajan, Surat.
Akbar, the great Mughal emperor’s wittiest minister Birbal’s tales are stories everyone has grown up listening and reading to in India. These are some of the most important stories which impart moral values and virtues. "A look at the rich tradition of folklore and legend through the witty and wise exchanges between Akbar and Birbal, our play “With Birbal Its Possible” will appeal to young and old alike. The music, dazzling costumes and elaborate sets and props reflect the grandeur of the times. Through plays like these, we want to expose children to stories we grew up with," says organiser Sneha Sanghvi.

The play begins with a simple but clever villager Mahesh Das meeting the mighty King Akbar and getting popularly known as ‘Raja Birbal’ Then, there is no end to how this Navratna of the Mughal court with his unique sense of humour and using his wit, wisdom and presence of mind, impresses the king. Whether it’s the famous story of Khichdi or The Magical Donkey, Birbal prevents Akbar from making judgmental errors, even after his jealous courtiers plot for his downfall, thus winning over the faith of the king. The characters/actors also humbly display the loyalty and friendship between the two. With lots of humour and drama from our narrator and the courtiers, the audience will not only experience but enjoy the tales of the past.

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