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Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Effects of Surya Grahan on the human body, precautions and what not to do during the period

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The Times Of India
02nd July, 2019 20:00 IST

The total solar eclipse would be visible on 2nd July. The eclipse will happen at 10:25, which will last for 4-5 minutes. On January 6, 2019, the world saw a partial solar eclipse, where the moon covered a particular portion of the sun giving it a disk-like shape.

In simple words, a total solar eclipse is when the sun is completely hidden by the shadow of the moon. Over the years, it is believed that this eclipse can have an impact on the human body. Here are a few precautions and said things people prefer not to do during the solar eclipse 2019 :

1. One should avoid eating food and drinking water during this period.

2. During the eclipse, one should not travel.

3. For pregnant women, it is advised to stay indoors to avoid ill-effects on the baby.

4. One should not look directly during the solar eclipse, as it can affect the eyes.

5. Any auspicious task must be avoided during this time.

6. It is advised to discard any food cooked before the eclipse.

7. Any offerings to be made should be done after this period.

8. If you can't discard food, you can protect it with Tulsi leaves.

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