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Brain Teaser: How many people do you see in this picture?

Brain teasers go beyond straightforward puzzles and riddles. A brain teaser is technically a form of puzzle or brain game that frequently requires lateral thinking. That indicates that finding a solution will require inventive, unconventional thought processes and that it won't be obvious to you immediately away. Some of these brain teasers exist in nature too and sometimes the angle of a photograph may trick your brain into seeing a different image.

The unique and entertaining optical illusions never fail to astound viewers. Most likely as a result, people who solve them become incredibly imaginative and entertaining. This Instagram post completely falls within that description. It's one of those pictures that makes you pause and think.

The caption that was published with the photo asks, "Wait a minute, what's that? ". There is a text written on the image that was shared. It states, "I thought there were two people in this picture." You might initially detect two people when you glance at the photograph. A second or third glance, however, will show that the reality is different.

Users were intrigued to double check this image since the post was shared. More and more people have liked it since it was uploaded, and the number keeps rising. In addition, a number of people commented on the shared photo too.

One Instagram user questioned, "2 he to hai (There are two)," Another person said, "Took me a solid minute to process." A third said, "I used 5 minutes to figure it out. Another said, "Just zoom it if you can't figure it out."

If you’re still scratching your head, this picture has only one man in a diving suit. He’s holding a black long-spined sea urchin in his hand. The hand and sea urchin are positioned in a way that it seems like another person is diving into the pool of water. Were you tricked into thinking that there were 2 people in this picture? Try this brain teaser with your friends and check what they see at first glance.