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IQ test: Who is cheating in this race? You only have 7 seconds to answer

Are you up for a challenge? Let's test your IQ with a quick puzzle that you have to solve in just 7 seconds! This puzzle is designed to measure your analytical, logical, and creative thinking skills. Take a look at the picture below and find out which athlete is cheating in the race.

As you can see in the picture, there are three athletes - two men and a woman - who have reached the finish line.
However, one of them is not playing fair. Can you identify the cheater?

Hint: Look closely at the athletes and think about what might have happened during the race.
Still stuck? Here's the solution for you.

When people engage in physical activity like running, they tend to sweat. Take a closer look at the three athletes. The man on the left and the woman in the middle are both sweating heavily. But the man on the right is completely dry! This suggests that he didn't exert himself as much as the other two. Therefore, he must have cheated to win the race.

This wasn't easy to find, or was it? We are glad that you managed to solve this puzzle or even get to the end of it. Getting to the end of it surely takes analytical and logical skills. Scientists say that practising these puzzles will make your brain work smarter and quicker.

Congratulations if you got the answer right! But don't worry if you didn't - this puzzle is not a measure of your intelligence. It's just a fun way to challenge yourself and test your problem-solving skills. Stay tuned for more puzzles in the future and keep practicing!