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Optical Illusion: Can you spot 11 hidden objects in this image?

Puzzlers are left scratching their heads as they struggle to solve this tricky brainteaser. Can you spot all eleven objects hidden in this scene? Remember, you only have eleven seconds!

You've been tasked with finding 11 hidden objects in this puzzle. Are you ready for the challenge? Alongside a polar bear, there are eleven objects you need to spot: a teddy bear, a candy cane, and a Christmas gift.

Lyudmyla Kharlamova, a graphic designer, created this challenge to share the fun of outdoor activities. She has gained a significant following across social media platforms for her illustrations in children's books and optical illusions. You can prove your skill if you can find all the hidden items in this snowy landscape in under a seek-and-find puzzle. In the picture, a family is making memories with friends, with some items cleverly hidden in plain sight.

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The hidden objects include a reindeer, carrot, lantern, snowflake, bell, teddy bear, ice cream, hot drink, candy cane, Christmas present, and a polar bear. Only the most eagle-eyed puzzlers have successfully spotted all the objects without needing to look at the solution. Many people have confessed to feeling overwhelmed by the brainteaser and not knowing where to start.

To succeed, think strategically about where each of the 11 items might be located. How many hidden objects have you found so far?

Here’s a hint: Pay close attention to the architecture of the buildings.

If you're having trouble finding the reindeer, it might be because it's drawn in an unexpected colour. As for the polar bear, its face can be seen peeking out from behind another object. Have you found everything? Scroll down to see the solution below and compare your guesses to the correct answers. The polar bear is hiding behind a tree, while the other hidden objects are clothes and architecture. This winter-themed challenge is the latest in a series of seasonal games sweeping the internet. Betway, an online entertainment website, designed this seek-and-find puzzle ahead of Christmas to spread some holiday cheer among its readers.