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Optical illusion: Man's tattoo looks like he has a hole in his head

A tattoo artist in the United States has accomplished a remarkable feat by drawing an optical illusion on a man's head. The tattoo gives the impression that there is a tunnel running through the man's skull, creating the appearance of a hole.

The tattoo artist responsible for this impressive artwork is Matt Pehrson, from Zion Tattoo Company located in St. George, Utah. His ability to create stunning visuals on his clients' bodies has caused a stir on the internet. He proudly shares his videos and artwork with his 63 thousand followers on Instagram, showcasing his unique and mesmerizing style. Pehrson's work has been described as "weird" by many, but the quality of his work speaks for itself.

A recent photo has gone viral on the internet where Matt can be seen drawing an unusual tattoo on his friend, Ryan’s head. Matt was to ink some thick black lines on Ryan’s bald head, where the lines were bending inwards, giving an illusion that Ryan’s head has indeed a hole or a tunnel going through his head.

The visuals are really scary when looked at from different angles. Matt even gave final touches with some shading techniques up his sleeves, and made the hole look all the more eye-catching.

He uploaded these pics on his Instagram handle back in 2020 with a caption “Did a crazy thing on my friend Ryan today…” The artist further said that he had a lot to accomplish what's left of his “dome”.

The video was posted by Matt’s official Instagram account, “matt pearson tattoos” and has since gathered more than 2700 views and hundreds of likes. The video was uploaded with a caption “They wanted to see it at an angle that didn’t have the illusion so they could be critical. Of course the tattoo only looks “perfect” at a limited viewing angle” explaining the perfect viewing angles for the tattoo to take effect.

It is clear with the comment section that the viewers are impressed:

"Forced perspective is hard enough on a canvas, never mind a human head! DUDE. You should get an award for this!" said an Instagram user.