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Optical illusion: Only 5 percent people can spot the Tiger hiding among dogs

Optical illusions have a beneficial effect on one's cognitive ability. You'll get more clever and intelligent after completing these riddles. You can solve this amusing optical illusion right here. View the picture below and tell if you can find the tiger or not?

There are several dogs in the picture. Looking at this picture closely is the first part of your assignment.
Your task is straightforward, then. Finding the tiger hidden among the dogs is all that is required. The catch is that you have fifteen seconds to find it!

This tiger is attempting to blend in with the dogs. It's almost impossible to recognise it now. The idea behind this optical illusion is to lead viewers to the tiger that is lurking among the pack of dogs.

The large pack of dogs is a great disguise for the tiger. You've got seven seconds to locate it. Can you identify it? Prepare your eyes for focus!

Your time has begun!

Got anything?

To find the tiger, keep your eyes fixed!

The time is running out!

Keep searching!

Focus on the image

Okay! The time’s up. In case you haven’t found the tiger yet, here’s a clue. Try to look for it in the right corner of the image. You will spot two huge cat eyes staring at you. That’s the tiger hiding behind the group of dogs.

If you’re finding it difficult to spot it yet, we have marked the big cat within a red circle. We hope you’ve found it now.

Even though certain optical illusions appear to be so straightforward, everyone interprets them differently. Often the majority of them keep making rounds on social media. It's a great way to develop your ability to see beyond the ordinary and contemplate concepts that don't immediately come to mind to observe optical illusions. Attempting optical riddles will enhance your cognitive and perceptual abilities.

  • What is an optical illusion?
    An optical illusion is like a puzzle for your eyes. It plays tricks on your vision and tests your perception. It challenges your eyes and brain to work together.
  • What are the benefits of an optical illusion?
    Optical illusions are a great way to make your eyes and brain work together. It enhances your concetration power and improves focus.