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Govt's final push for women safety before Lok Sabha polls

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The Times Of India
12th February, 2019 04:21 IST
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NEW DELHI: With features like on-board video feed sharing and Geographic Information System-based crime mapping , eight cities have charted interventions for women safety which will be rolled out next week. This could even enable women police officers in Delhi to view live feed on their vehicle dashboards of women in distress sending out an SOS.

An investment of approximately Rs 2,920 crore in the next three years under the Safe City scheme for mega metros like Mumbai, Ahemadabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad could see setting up of 'safe islands' for women at crime hotspots and even transit dormitories for working women. Union home minister Rajnath Singh is scheduled to launch the projects on Tuesday along with a host of other measures that would improve women safety across the country.

Sources said the projects that will be launched include investigation tracking system for sexual offenders , dedicated phone number (112) on the lines of 911 in the US for emergency support with an added feature for women in distress and strengthening the DNA analysis capacities in forensic laboratories in Mumbai, Chennai, Madurai, Lucknow, Agra and Kolkata.

The roll out of these projects comes barely weeks before the election code of conduct kicks in and will help government project how it is taking necessary steps to improve women security. TOI has learnt that Delhi with approximately Rs 664 crore investment will also get women safety patrol vans which will have technology that can recognise faces despite changes due to aging or cosmetic surgery.

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