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5 Ways to up your eye make-up game

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The Times Of India
15th March, 2019 01:00 IST
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Heading to a party ? This time, skip the basic and kohl and smoky eye, and go for something that's more dramatic. Here are a few tips to do so...

Florals: Here’s a look that says summer! Adding fresh or dried flowers to the eye is feminine and fun. Add the eyeshadow to match the blooms that you use.

Mixed metals: Love shimmer? Go duo tone with it, using metallics. Just blend silver and gold for the effect. You can also try pink and blue for day and gold and maroon for the night.

Feathers: Go with feathers on the eyes. They can be in classic black, polka dots , peacock hues or neon. Stick to larger extensions for a more dramatic effect.

Stones: This one is blingy , alright! Embellish your eyes with diamantés and stones for a cool, edgy vibe. Just place the stones around the creases of the eye and finish with black wingtips.

Reverse lashes: In this trend, you wear false lashes the other way around. They have to be stuck on your own lashes but they taper at the end, spidery-style! Models on the catwalk have been seen in the trend and it’s also gone viral. Will you try it in your day, too?

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