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7 Habits of highly effective Hyderabadis: Legendary footballer Victor Amalraj speaks about the habits that have helped him achieve his goals

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The Times Of India
15th January, 2022 06:00 IST

Working towards a better version of yourself in 2022? We bring you inspiration from some very inspiring Hyderabadis. Legendary footballer and former Indian captain Victor Amalraj speaks about the habits that have helped him achieve his goals, professionally and personally.

1. Respect time: Football taught me the importance of respecting time. Back in the 70s, there were no transport facilities like we have today. To reach Fateh Maidan (LB Stadium) on time for training, I’d wake up by 4:30 am so that I could walk 6 km to Ammuguda Railway Station and catch the train to Nampally and walk another couple of kilometers. My life revolved around football and it instilled a sense of discipline in me for life. Even today I wake up at 5 am sharp.

2. Pray everyday: I’ve had a very religious upbringing and going to the church everyday is a daily ritual. In fact, I attend the morning mass at 6:30 am at St John’s Church (Bolarum) without fail. No matter where I was playing, I’d keep up the practice. Prayer helps me stay grounded and gives me strength to give my best.

3. Cultivate positive attitude: ‘To reach a high altitude in life, you need good attitude,’ is a mantra I’ve lived by all my life. I cultivate it by listening to others and being grateful for whatever I have in life. That is the reason why I never got a red card in my career and went on to captain India and three of the biggest football teams in the country (Mohan Bagan, East Bengal, Mohammedan Sporting).

4. Eat lots of fruits: I love fruits. Not only are they delicious to eat, they keep my gut healthy. It is the main reason why I never suffered a stomach upset all through my career.

5. Stay tidy to live happy: I believe cleanliness keeps the body, mind and the whole society healthy. I’m a stickler for cleanliness... I cut my nails every week, change my bedsheets every 2-3 days, have a haircut every three weeks...the list goes on. It helps keep my mind clean.

6. Preparation is the key to everything in life: Whether it was for a game of football, a professional engagement or personal work, I’ve always prepared for everything well in advance. It is the key to succeed in anything in life.

7. Spend money wisely: Thanks to my middle class roots, the value of money was ingrained in me quite early on in my life. I’ve always saved money and spent it only on things I really need. You never know when you might be in need of money, so it helps to have savings.

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