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Haleem, history and memories

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The Times Of India
22nd May, 2020 18:57 IST

Descendent of King Wajid Ali Shah- Manzilat Fatima doesn’t need any introduction. She is well-known in the milieu of Bengal’s intellectuals and food connoisseurs for reviving and keeping alive the Awadhi cuisine. Her family has contributed immensely to the culinary history of Bengal.
The famous aaloo in the Kolkata biryani that people relish so much is a gift to the world of Bengali food by King Wajid Ali Shah .
Manzilat, fourth generation of the royal family of Awadh, has kept the family’s culinary tradition alive by following the same recipes and ingredients.
As this year’s Ramzan is drawing to a close this week, we connected with Manzilat virtually to talk about her favourite Ramzan memories, her feelings for the needy and people in suffering in the pandemic.
We also got an exclusive access to her royal kitchen as she shares with us her family’s Haleem recipe.

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Manzilat Fatima talks about the culinary history of her family

Manzilat Fatima talks about Ramzan and its importance

Let’s make Ramzan’s first Haleem with Manzilat Fatima

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