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How my sister-in-law broke my trust in my husband

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The Times Of India
25th November, 2021 18:00 IST

Having a good sister-in-law is every new bride’s dream. The one who can instantly brighten a dull day, away from home or share a giggle when shopping together, is none other than a bubbly sister-in-law. Well, that’s what I thought of when I first met my husband and his family on the day they had come to see me. I was instantly relieved to see that he had a sister and she was pretty, talkative and seemed nice. After all, all I wanted was some familiarity in my new beginning at a new home and family.

The whole family was a pleasant and lively one. They all cracked jokes while my husband smiled and blushed at the sight of me. And so, after analysing all prospects, we both finally agreed to get married. It was a great festive affair. My sister-in-law was a budding girl who stole the light wherever she went. I quickly understood that she was the ‘baby’ of the home and that everyone loved her. She was used to the attention. We both got off to a good start. She would come and help me get dressed in my initial days of being a newlywed.

But one day, when a distant relative who was unable to come to the wedding paid a visit, things started going off. He had brought two pairs of sarees, one for me and the sister-in-law, along with other gifts for the family. The sarees were absolutely gorgeous but one was particular extremely beautiful than the other. My sister-in-law gleefully picked up that saree but the uncle gave the saree to me, since I was the new addition to the family. My sister-in-law look angry but she quickly masked her reaction. And in the event of several days and weeks, there occurred many instances where I was getting more attention, obviously because I was the new bride. This irked my sister-in-law too much and sometimes, her feelings could be evident in her eyes. I tried being more friendly to her but she seemed to totally ignore my friendliness. She became rude, took to mocking me sometimes and always subtly pointed my mistakes to my mother-in-law. It was infuriating!

I tried my best to be a nice person to her but it felt as if she was too irritated with my presence as her bhabhi in the house. I had no idea what she had in her mind. She was turning out to be an evil sister-in-law everyone saw in TV soaps!

However, sometime later, she started befriending me and started conversations around her brother. She seemed really sweet at that moment and I thought maybe everything is going back to normal. But then she started telling stories of how popular my husband was with the girls back in his days. She went on to narrate stories of how my husband would jump from one girl to another. And so, I secretly went on to stalk my husband and found out that he was quite the hunk and a cheater back in college. My insecurities started growing. With every gossip she fed me, I started losing trust in my husband. Since much time hadn’t passed into our marriage , there wasn’t a lot of foundation on where I could base our trust on. I started having a fear that my husband is still the same person as he was in college.

Besides being insanely busy, my husband was an introvert. So, him being the most popular guy back in his time looked like he was hiding his real self from me. Now, I don’t know whether I should be thankful to my sister-in-law for opening my eyes or resent her for instigating distrust for my husband.

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