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Micro review: 'Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel'

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The Times Of India
14th January, 2020 08:01 IST

The topic of mental health is often ignored but it is incredibly important. Unfortunately, people generally fail to realise that they or their loved-ones are dealing with mental health issues. In order to help people deal with depression and their emotions at a time when they are highly vulnerable, Instagram poet Ashish Bagrecha has written his debut book ' Dear Stranger , I Know How You Feel'.

The book is a collection of 30 letters and poems for people who are feeling low to help them cope. Two years ago, Bagrecha was fighting depression and anxiety and that's when he started posting empathetic poems and letters titled 'Dear Stranger' on Instagram to support and help others who are dealing with similar issues. What started as a social media experiment to help others has now been published as a book. Some of the topics that Bagrecha writes about in his book are: dealing with pain, anxiety, self-harm, healing and gratitude.

Written in simple and lucid language, each letter is a kind reminder to the readers that they aren't alone in their fight against mental health issues; that they are strong and there is hope. For those who feel they have no one they can speak to, this book will make you feel heard and understood.

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