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Missing your tapri chai? Try these brews at home instead

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The Times Of India
13th January, 2021 20:49 IST

The new year has begun and life is slowly coming back to normal. But with a lot of people still working from home, they’re missing so many aspects of work life – the banter, office atmosphere, camaraderie and of course, for many, their tea break at the local tea stalls. Tapri chai – with its adrak-lemon flavour is a hot fave and if you have been longing for that, here’s how to satisfy your craving with other brews that come close to it. Radhika Batra Shah, tea expert, shares, “It’s possible to make a variety of teas at home. One just needs a few ingredients from the kitchen for it. And having a good ghar ka masala is a must.” Here are other easy-to-make teas to sip on...

Saffron tea
Hot, aromatic saffron tea can drive the blues away. To make it, just heat water in a pan and let it come to a boil. Add some sugar or jaggery, a cinnamon stick, mint leaves and saffron strands. Drain and serve with a wedge of lemon .

Vanilla tea

Calming vanilla tea is also apt as that leisurely cuppa to try at home. Start by boiling water in a saucepan. Add black tea bags to it or loose tea. Cut the vanilla bean in the centre and add that and the seeds to the water. Allow it to simmer. Strain and serve. You can also make a fruit-infused version by adding peeled and cut pears to it.

Honey-lemon-ginger tea

Here’s another pick-me-up that can drive colds away. The brew is easy to make. Just heat water, when it starts to boil add ginger pieces to it. Also add your tea leaves, honey (for a sweet taste) as well as lemon juice. Strain and sip on this.

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