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Never gave up on social media while studying

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The Times Of India
16th May, 2019 13:26 IST
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Rusha Nimavat scored a 97.2% in Commerce . This class XII student from DPS Bopal shares her study schedule with AT:

When it came to preparing a study schedule, I analysed how much time I needed to devote to each subject. Time management and prioritising is of utmost importance. I was slightly weak in Maths, so I focussed on it the most. I have always been disciplined, so my parents never had to force me to study. I feel that parental pressure is completely unnecessary. My approach towards the board examination was to look at it as any other exam, and not worry about it unnecessarily. Our school made us take a lot of exams, so we were used to taking exams. I was confident I’d score 95%. Having a clear goal from the beginning helped a great deal.

TAKING A CHILL PILL: I have never been the kind of person who would give up on social media and online streaming channels while studying. I always had my phone with me while I studied. I watched a lot of series and web shows, and that was never a distraction.

MY SUPPORT SYSTEM: My parents were very supportive and relaxed, which helped me a great deal.

FUTURE PLANS: I want to take up Corporate Law, and wish to go to GNLU.

TOPPER’S TIPS: When it comes to subjects like maths, accounts and economics, make sure that you are clear with your concepts. For people who have difficulty memorising things, I would suggest that they write down notes because that helps in remembering concepts.

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