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Nita Ambani takes IPL trophy to Siddhivinayak temple

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The Times Of India
16th May, 2019 15:28 IST
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The final match of IPL between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings was important for the Ambanis and their excitement after the win showed how crucial it was.

Believed to be a Krishna devotee, Nita Ambani first took the trophy to their temple in Antilia and then three days later, she took the glorious cup to the Siddhivinayak temple to thank Lord Ganesha.

Hundreds of people lined up for a glimpse of Nita Ambani and the IPL trophy near the famous temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Ambanis are known to be very religious and they do not forget offering reverence to God in their good or even bad times.

During the match also Nita Ambani was spotted chanting, hoping for the big win. After speaking to the panditji they believe in, we came to know that they do ‘chandi paath’ before every match and that they performed it throughout during the final match.

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