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Strike a balance between studies & leisure activities

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The Times Of India
16th May, 2019 13:14 IST
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Mann Soni, who scored 97.2% in his class XII CBSE exams (Humanities), a student of DPS Bopal, talks to AT:

STUDY SCHEDULE: I did not study all year long. I started studying a month before the pre-boards. While it is important to start studying from the beginning of the academic year, it does not really matter how much time you give, what matters is that you give all your attention when you are studying. I made a schedule and stuck to it. I kept alternate subjects for each day, making sure to cover all the chapters.

TAKING A CHILL PILL: Ideally people are supposed to devote more time to studies, and less time to breaks, it was the other way round for me. I watched a lot of web shows, and did not stop anything that I was previously doing. Even during the Boards, I would go to sleep only after watching an episode of a show. This was the stress buster that I needed.

MY SUPPORT SYSTEM: I received immense support from everyone around. My class teacher was always there to help me, even a night before the exam. My friends have always been very supportive throughout, and not a distraction as everyone feels.

FUTURE PLANS: I want to pursue BA (Hons.) in Economics from DU.

TOPPER’S TIPS: Do not think you have to sacrifice on other things to study. It is very important to maintain a balance between academics and other leisure activities.

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