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The Times Of India
29th November, 2019 10:31 IST
Critics Rating:
CastSathish Ninasam,Aditi Prabhudeva,Harihar Gundurao Dattatreya,Achyuth Kumar,Padmaja Rao
DirectorChandra Mohan
Duration2h 14m

Ramu, who has sworn to live by the ideals of Lord Ram until his marriage, meets young writer Sunitha Krishnamurthy, who he is a fan of. An organic friendship develops, following which the couple get married. Just when you think it is happily ever after for them, Ramu fails to 'stand' up to expectations. The trailer of Bramhachari had already hinted what the film would be about. Yet, it is only around the interval that what is already known is introduced. Yet, the funny narrative, filled with a lot of gags and twists ensure the first half keeps one hooked to the narrative.

This film is directed by Chandra Mohan, who has already proved that he is a bankable name when it comes to comedies. And the story by Uday Mehta is quite fun and quirky. At times, the film ends up being the perfect bridge between the Anant Nag and Kashinath comedies of the 80s and 90s. The film might have a sexual problem as the premise, but the jokes don't end up being crass at any point.

The film has multiple moments that evoke laughs and has characters and situations that are created to play to the gallery. Sathish Ninasam lives his character and does a commendable job. Aditi Prabhudeva too is impressive. The ensemble cast has some good comic talent and Shivaraj KR Pete, Achyuth Kumar and Dattanna particularly impress. Bramhachari deals with a serious issue, but never gets preachy. In fact, the performance issues of the protagonist are just the catalyst to a crazy comedy of errors. If you like comedies with that right bit of innuendos and gags, this one might just entertain you.

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