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The Times Of India
08th February, 2019 19:43 IST
Critics Rating:
CastAbhimanyu Singh,Vrajesh Hirjee,Prashant Narayanan,Uday Tikekar,Anupam Shyam,Mrinmai Kolwalkar,Ehsaan Qureshi
DirectorAlok Shrivastava
Duration2h 18m
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Story: A crooked cop Sameer ( Prashant Narayanan ) with a good heart is neck deep into illegal encounters in cahoots with his childhood friend Jagga ( Abhimanyu Singh ). When his live-in partner Renu (Mrinmai Kolwalkar ) discovers this, she tries to change him. Will Sameer be able to make the switch from bad to good?

Review: Encounter specialist have always intrigued Bollywood filmmakers, given the amount of films made on them. While movies like ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ have focused on the way these cops operate, ‘End Counter’ is more a story centred around an encounter specialist and how one incident comes back to bite him.

A lengthy and dreary film, this one has a semblance of a story but the screenplay is a total drag. An entire hour could have been edited off and the audience would not miss a thing.

The change of heart that our cop has, which is the turning point in the film is done so simply, it is almost unreal. Prashant Narayan as an actor is wasted here, as he hams it up loud and hard with Abhimanyu Singh and Mrinmai Kolwarkar. Anupam Shyam as the crooked godman is more funny than scary. At a runtime of two hours and 18 minutes, this ‘end counter’ seems endless.

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