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The Times Of India
17th June, 2022 15:20 IST
Critics Rating:
CastDharma Keerthiraj,Anusha Rai,Kabir Duhan Singh,Suman
DirectorTN Nagesh
Duration2h 10m

Plot: Dharma is a selfless man who strives for the welfare of society by helping the poor and fighting against injustice

Review: The movie opens up with a huge cache of drugs worth Rs 200 crore going missing and which the drug peddlers badly need to ensure their illegal business flourishes. They think it is a top cop who has seized the drugs, but very soon they realise that another person in the guise of a cop has taken away the drugs, but they don't know the reason.

On the other hand, Dharma enjoys life with his bunch of friends and falls in love with Priya (Anusha Rai). He comes to the aid of an old man whose land will be usurped by an MLA and helps him to construct a Kannada school, winning applause from the public.

Director T N Nagesh has tried to churn out a revenge drama with romantic elements with a mediocre script. As a result, it falls flat at its inception itself. The story, which has a tried and tested formula, lacks conviction and fails to make the right impact. Dharma Keerthiraj and Anusha Rai do justice to their roles. The presence of Kabir Duhan Singh in limited scenes doesn’t evoke any interest. Watch it if commercial films are your cup of tea.

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