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The Times Of India
03rd January, 2020 10:13 IST
Critics Rating:
CastMime Gopi,Charle,Kakamuttai Ramesh,Appa Nasath,Kalloori Vinoth
DirectorRajvel Krishnaa
Duration1h 52m

Pizhai Movie Synopsis: Three school going students run away from home when they find the behaviour of their respective parents and teachers intolerable.

Pizhai Movie Review: Pizhai revolves around three village-based school-going children's woes. Gokul, Kaaka Muttai fame Ramesh and Appa fame Nasath play lazy kids who are least interested in studying. Their parents are worried about the kids' lethargic attitude and they often scold them for the same. The disappointed students decide to run away from home when they realise that their school teacher, too, is harsh towards them. The struggles they face after running away to a big city forms the rest of the story.

One positive aspect of the film is the Charle's portrayal of a dejected father. Mime Gopi and George Maryan, too, are okayish. The kids also come up with decent performances. But the lack of fresh sequences and the number of unnecessary sub-plots, which includes a honour killing episode, do not evoke any interest in the audience. The film becomes preachy after a point and becomes too melodramatic towards the climax.

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