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Review: Mosagallu- 2.5/5

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The Times Of India
19th March, 2021 15:29 IST

Story: Arjun ( Vishnu Manchu ) and Anu ( Kajal Aggarwal ) are fraternal twins who manage to run a scam in the US from India via a call centre. With police officer Kumar ( Suniel Shetty ) hot on their heels, will they manage to escape the system?

Review: When it comes to fodder for cinema, India has no shortage of scams. Mosagallu has a strong plotline and has a theme that’s less explored in TFI. And while the film’s premise sounds exciting on paper, the film struggles to live up to its potential.

Arjun (Manchu Vishnu) wants to become rich at any cost as he has experienced enough poverty to last a lifetime. His twin Anu (Kajal Aggarwal) is married, but faces domestic violence every day at home. The twins find an escape with the help of Vijay (Navdeep) at the call centre he runs. Kumar (Suniel Shetty) is a sincere police officer looking to nab them before they ruin more lives. Arjun’s friend Sid (Naveen Chandra) also enjoys the lavish lifestyle once they pull off a scam, but reality soon comes knocking.

Mosagallu has a strong and interesting premise that is let down by a weak narrative. In a film that banks on the audience staying invested in characters, even as they commit a crime, the way they’re established is half-hearted. The film sells itself as a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but fails to invoke curiosity in the audience. Numerous tracks of the film are vague and the lag in the film’s narrative is a test to patience.

Manchu Vishnu and Kajal Aggarwal deliver a decent performance and do justice to their characters, as do Navdeep and Naveen Chandra. The music and BGM of the film by Sam CS is plain okay, not lending the film much gravitas. Mosagallu is a good attempt by Vishnu Manchu and the rest of the team to bring forth a less-explored genre in Tollywood. However, to an audience that has access to global content & has seen such films before, a gripping narrative is what they’ll miss.

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