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The Times Of India
08th March, 2019 13:20 IST
Critics Rating:
CastKaushik,Agni Pawar,Nassar,Sangili Murugan
Duration1h 59m
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Spot Movie Synopsis: Four boys come to the rescue of a girl who runs for her life

Spot Movie Review: The movie starts with a chase sequence – a girl is being chased by a bunch of goons as per the order of a dreaded politician. Four boys come to her rescue and she is taken away by them in a car. The chase continues for around an hour’s time, in the course of which two of the boys lust after her. The third guy wants to get rid of her to avoid unnecessary consequences, and the fourth guy falls in love with her. The worse thing is, the girl, too, loves him back without any convincing reason. Even when the indefinite car chase happens, with the goons yelling ‘thookku da’, ‘poda’, ‘vaada’, and so on, we are shown two songs featuring the hero and heroine. The latter half of the movie is hilariously terrible with some pointless skin show, never-ending fight sequences, funny dialogues and bizarre background score. This is a film which shouldn’t have been made.

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