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Bengaluru SSA firm Digantara inks pact with IN-SPACe

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The Times Of India
23rd June, 2022 19:14 IST

Bengaluru-based Digantara Research and Technologies, a space situational awareness (SSA) and surveillance company has signed an agreement with the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) on SSA and launch opportunities.

A statement issued here on Thursday, read: "This partnership was signed on June 10 and that securing the launch service agreement with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), the firm anticipates a productive collaboration in the development of resilient indigenous capabilities."

The MoU will enable Digantara to access Isro’s SSA infrastructure and in turn complement their capabilities with space-based sensor network, thereby supporting India's goals and aspirations in being at the forefront of SSA technology.

“Deptartment of Space’s recognition of critical technologies such as SSA and enabling support to startups like Digantara has helped drive development process significantly and have propelled us to be competitors on a global scale.” said Anirudh Sharma , CEO, Digantara.

With increasing satellite population, Digantara said, SSA will play a key role in enabling sustainable space operations.

"As India’s first SSA and space surveillance company, we are developing a two pronged system to address the challenges of space operations and SSA through our ground-breaking platform, Space - Mission Assurance Platform aka Space-MAP, that will serve as a foundational layer on which all future space missions can operate, allowing stakeholders to take informed decisions," the firm said.

TOI was the first to report about Digantara's space map technology.

"To complement the current SSA capability, Digantara is building the world’s first space based sensor network to track resident space ibjects (RSO) in low Earth orbit (LEO) with 10X better resolution than the current industry standards and augmenting its sensor network with high fidelity artificial intelligence-machine learning models on the downstream end to provide actionable intelligence to the stakeholders," the firm added.

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