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Galactic crash could rip open Milky Way's black hole

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The Times Of India
09th January, 2019 08:55 IST
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LONDON: A catastrophic collision with a neighbouring galaxy in two billion years’ time could wake up Milky Way galaxy’s dormant black hole , and send our solar system hurtling into space, scientists say.

Researchers at Durham University predict that the Large Magellanic Cloud could hit the Milky Way in two billion years’ time. The collision could occur much earlier than the predicted impact between the Milky Way and another neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, which scientists say will hit our galaxy in eight billion years.

As it feeds, the now-active black hole would throw out high-energy radiation and while this is unlikely to affect life on Earth, scientists say there is a small chance that the initial collision could send our solar system hurtling into space.

“While this will not affect solar system, we might not escape unscathed from the collision. It could knock us out of the Milky Way into interstellar space,” said a postdoctoral fellow in Durham University

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