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Pollutants in air killing hair follicles; making men go bald

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The Times Of India
10th October, 2019 16:30 IST

A study funded by a cosmetics company in South Korea established the link between air pollution and hair loss. According to the study, exposure to common pollutants reduced the levels of four proteins responsible for hair growth and hair retention. An Independent report showed that the effect increased when the amount of airborne particles increased — suggesting that those living in cities or close to industrial works are at greater risk of going bald.

This is the first study to find this relationship between pollutants in the air and hair loss. Hyuk Chul Kwok, the lead researcher, shared the results at the 28th European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress in Madrid. He said there is a need for further study to confirm the results, “Our research looked at the science behind what happens when the cells found at the base of hair follicles are exposed to common air pollutants.” He added, “When the cells on the human scalp were exposed to common air pollutants created from burning fossil fuels, the proteins in the cells that are responsible for hair growth and hair retention were significantly reduced.”

Jenny Bates, an air pollution campaigner said, “This is the latest in a long sequence of scientific evidence showing the disturbing impact of air pollution on our bodies and health. People need to be helped to switch to less polluting forms of transport. We need cleaner vehicles on our roads, and fewer of them, and greater investment in better public transport and safer cycling and walking.”

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