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Robots may build cities by mimicking nature

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The Times Of India
16th March, 2019 08:38 IST
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Cities of the future could be built and repaired by robots and drones mimicking the tactics of nature, according to a study. Using robots should reduce human risk, allow tasks to be completed faster and monitoring alongside construction.

The robots could collect data on everything they are doing, helping to improve their practices, according to the study published in the journal Science Robotics. “The cities of the future could be built and maintained by groups of land-based and flying robots working together to construct, assess, and repair the urban ecosystem of buildings and infrastructure ,” said Mirko Kovac from Imperial College London in the UK. “Nature provides ample proof that such collective construction is possible, and by applying some of these ideas to how drones are constructed, operated and made to cooperate, we could make this dream a reality,” Kovac said in a statement.

The team looked at examples from nature where groups of organisms use different tactics to work together in construction.

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